Curriculum & Programs


Our goal is to raise pacesetters and help children reach their highest potential. A Beka, a Christian based program that has been in existence for 50 years, is designed to help us accomplish just that. The curriculum is stimulating and reflects a Christian worldview while keeping learning lively, interesting and memorable young learners. We teach Spanish and offer a variety of activities during the summer. The program is effective starting with our Toddler classes.

Included in our weekly activities are Physical Fitness, Spanish & Computer Basics.

  • Toddlers & Pre-K3 – Language Arts, Numbers, Bible, Poetry, Music, Arts & Crafts
  • Pre-K4 & Pre-K5 – Language Arts, Numbers, Bible, Poetry, Music, Arts & Crafts, Manuscript & Cursive Writing, Phonics and Reading
  • First Grade – Language arts, Arithmetic, Science, History, Geography, Health, Safety, Manners, Bible and Fine arts

The Curriculum Fees cover the cost of books and supplies, which will be provided to your child and used during the school year. This fee is due by Aug 1 for the school year which begins in August and is non-refundable. Once paid, books and supplies will be issued to the student.


In the before & after-school program, we offer pick-up & drop-off bus service to/from schools within a 5-mile radius. After pickup, we provide students a late afternoon meal along with snacks. We also provide assistance with homework and enrichment programs (math, computer and book clubs).


During Summer Camp, we offer a variety of activities for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. They include enrichment classes in piano, dance and swimming, field trips to some of the most popular Houston-area attractions and educational facilities, on-campus field trips, life skills classes, book club as well as tutoring in math, reading, computer, science and Spanish.


Each age group is scheduled to play, weather permitting, in the playground every morning and afternoon. The play equipment is appropriately designed for each age group and their individual development. Our teachers organize games for their class while outdoors. They also create fun activities when indoors on bad weather days.


We create fun and nutritious meals by using the USDA and State guidelines. Along with breakfast, we provide hot lunches and a variety of snacks. Menus are available for our parents in the school office. We ask that parents alert us to any food allergies their child may have. Substitutions can be made if necessary. Any changes that may go against the nutritional requirements we maintain with the State need to be given to us in writing by a physician.

We participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), which allows us benefit from the government funded USDA grant and keep tuition costs reasonable. The purpose of the CACFP is to provide nutritious meals and snacks to organized day cares, private schools, adult day care and day homes that abide by the USDA guidelines.

Delicate financial information will be requested from you and used by the CACFP to determine the amount of funding we receive. The process places children in the free, reduced-paid, or paid meal category, based on household income i.e. the higher the income, the lower the subsidy and vice versa. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much or how little the family income is, DLA will be eligible for the subsidy, but only for parents who complete the forms.

The required forms for participation in the CACFP are enclosed in the DLA Application for Admission packet. Please fill out these sheets thoroughly with all requested information. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss them with the DLA administrative personnel.