Enrollment is on a yearly basis for the school year which begins in August. Early registration for all students begins in Spring. DLA offers a Full-time program and does not accept part-time enrollments (except Infants). We believe our students gain the most from our academic program when attendance is regular and consistent.

Admission Requirements

The following must be completed as part of the registration process:
  • Completed Application for Admission packet. Please click here to download the Application Packet
  • Admission interview: DLA policies orientation for parents
  • Class placement test: In addition to the age requirement (child’s age as of September 1 of the school year), a skills test will be administered to determine class placement for all new students
  • Students applying for admission into the 1st Grade class must provide the Academy with a kindergarten report card from a previous academic institution. The report card must show that the child has completed Kindergarten course work and is promoted to the 1st Grade class
  • The admission interview and class placement test will be scheduled by the DLA office in person or by phone. The admission requirements listed above, along with the personal records (birth certificate, immunization records, parent’s picture ID, etc.) must be brought to the admission interview.